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Salesforce is located in the Silicon Valley in the city of San Francisco California and they currently have 3,969 employees. Salesforce is an enterprise cloud computing company. Cloud computing is internet based computing in which resources like software and hardware are shared. Companies like Salesforce offer these resources to other companies in need of theses resources. Salesforce manages business resources for them, therefore the business can focuses on other aspects. At Salesforce a business pays for the resources that they need and Salesforce offer automatic updates.

Products: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter,

Sales Cloud is rated the worlds #1 sales application, according to The Sales Cloud offers the following features: Chatter, accounts and contracts, marketing and leads, opportunities and quotes, jigsaw data services, approvals and workflow, email and productivity, content library, analytics and forecasting, partners, mobile, and AppExchange.  All of these features are designed to making selling easier and more productive for anyone who uses the product.

Service Cloud is boasted as the “future of customer service’. It offers the following features: Chatter, call center, customer portal, social networking, knowledge, analytics, email, chat, community, search, partners, mobile, approvals and workflow, AppExcahnge, and contracts and entitlements.   

Chatter is designed to help a company work more efficiently by creating a private social network for a company. This network is designed to allow a companies employees a secure place to chat with their fellow colleagues.  Some of the features that Chatter offers are: invitations, mobile and desktop, recommendations, notifications, analytical, and file sharing. requires no hardware or software and it offers mobile and social network features. is a platform that allows a business to build their website or their own application hassle free. 

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Customer Relations Management

They also offer products to help Customer Relationship Management. Customer Relationship Management is an approach for managing a company’s customers. They offer solutions for both small and large companies. The products that they offer as part of the Customer Relationship Management are the Cloud platform and Cloud infrastructure.

The Cloud platform allows the users to customize their Customer relationship Database. The Cloud platform offers applications to use to customize your CRM; currently there are over 1,000 applications to choose from.  Salesforce Cloud allows their users to add unlimited data.

The Cloud infrastructure is designed to help a business Customer Relationship Database run smoothly. The infrastructure boasts reliability, security, and performance.

According to the Salesforce website, a business using Salesforce CRM will see: 38% increase in lead volume, 28% increase in lead conversion rates, 31% increase in sales productivity, 21% increase in sales win rates, and 26% increase in sales revenue.

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