In 1981, Logitech International S.A. was founded by Daniel Borel, Pierluigi Zappacpsta and Giacomo Marini in Apples, Switzerland. Its Swiss headquarters were moved to Romanel-sur-Morges, Switzerland, in 1986. Its worldwide headquarters are in Fremont, California, because Silicon Valley is well-known for talents in the technology industry. In addition to Romanel and Fremont headquarters, it has offices in Vancouver, Washington; Toronto, Canada; and Hsinchu, Taiwan; for main R&D activities. Besides, the major manufacturing facilities are located in Suzhou, China. Logitech produces variety of personal peripherals sold in many countries; a few of their well-known product s are mice, keyboards and remote controls.

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Computer mouse

In 1982, Logitech introduced the P4, its first mouse. Soon later, the firm signed contract with HP to create the HP mouse, a two-button opto-mechanical mouse. After that, it also contracted with other companies, including AT&T, Olivetti, DEC and Apple. In 1985, the firm created the C7 and entered the retail channel. In 1991, Logitech introduced the MouseMan Cordless with the radio frequency (RF) technology, which can function without a wire. In 2004, the Logitech MX 1000 Laser Cordless Mouse, the first mouse incorporating ultra-precise laser tracking technology, was launched to the market. In recent years, Logitech developed the Darkfield Laser Tracking technology and used it in the Anywhere Mouse MX and the Performance Mouse MX. With this technology, the mouse can work anywhere, even on shiny and clear surface. Besides the Darkfield Laser Tracking technology, Logitech also created the Unifying receiver. It is a small and convenient wireless receiver that can connect up to six devices. In this year, the Anywhere Mouse MX has been named the CES Innovations 2010 Honoree in the Computer Peripherals category.

Performance Mouse MX and Anywhere MX Mouse

Wireless Solar Keyboard K750


In 1998, Logitech first included RF technology in keyboard and launched a package with a mouse, the Logitech Cordless Desktop. Since companies are more aware of environmental issues in recent years, Logitech designed its first “green” keyboard, the Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. This is a 1/3 inches thick keyboard that recharges by light and fully recyclable. Also, it is compatible with the Unifying receiver that mentioned above. This keyboard has been named CES Innovations 2011 Honoree in the Computer Peripherals category.


Remote Control

In 2004, Logitech acquired Intrigue Technologies, a Canadian company, to develop its remote control product line. A year later, Logitech developed the Harmony 880 remote, which was a remote with one-touch activity-based control. As technology is growing rapidly, Logitech introduced the Harmony 900 in recent years. It is a universal remote control with color touch screen and radio frequency system that can control more than 5000 brands and 225,000 devices. With the RF technology, this remote control can work from up to 100 feet away. Additionally, it is designed in a shape that fits our hands, so it is comfortable and easy to hold. In 2010, this remote control has been named CES Innovations 2010 Honoree in the Home Theatre Accessories category.

Robot Commercial

Logitech has been very successful in developing new technologies for their products. With all the existing technologies and product lines, Logitech never stopped to diversify their business in new opportunities and market trend. For example, Logitech acquired LifeSize Communications, one of the leaders in HD-quality video communications in the enterprise channel, in December 2009, which allowed Logitech to leverage the experience and technology to promote videoconferencing to the untapped small and medium businesses.

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