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B2C, B2B, B2G.
B2C stands for Business-to-Consumer
    We all have experiences business to consumer exchange. Buying a drink or paying for a tune up, we make business to consumer transactions in our daily lives. Whether its a corner store or a dentist office, business to consumer simply applies when a business provides a service or sells a product to the consumer (B2C, pars. 1-3). Business to consumer may often happen online as well, because business that carry an online website allows consumer to shop directly from their home. As long as the consumer does not intend to re-sell the service or product they buy, its considered a business to consumer transaction. If someone does buy online and intend to sell it for a profit then that transaction is considered business to business. Base on Marketing Terms these concepts were taken.

B2B stands for Business-to-Business
    Business to business is a transaction between two businesses. The transactions may be for tangibles and/or services. This type of business exchange is much more different than that of business to consumer. Business to business transactions happen roughly 10 times for than business to consumer (B2B, pars. 1). Take an auto mobile for example, there are thousands of parts needed to create an auto mobile. The chances of one business having all those parts are slim, so car manufactures have to deal with multiple business in order to obtain all the parts. Once the car is built and sold to a consumer, that would be the business to consumer exchange. Every deal made for all those parts are consider as one business to business transaction, meanwhile the selling of the car to a consumer is only one business to consumer transaction. According to SearchCIO, business to business has different sort of web group and terms given in this paragraph.

    Business to business on the web is more about the information it provides to each businesses. Product supply and procurement exchange is an example of online business to business, because a sales agent may post his products online meanwhile buying agents are able to request certain product, negotiate price, and even bid against other agent buyers (B2B, pars. 2). This type of business to business is mainly for smaller markets or targeted markets. Brokering sites are also another popular online business to business because they act as a middlemen between a wanting party versus a seeking party. Take car rental for example, companies who want to rent out cars will provide their car rates, insurance, and requirements. Party seeking to rent will provide information on what kind of car and the duration of their trip.

B2G stands for Business-to-Government
    Business to government is more complicated because it has to do with many different level of authorities. Each city, state, and country have different paper works that they need business to file. Business to government are those transactions which lets the city, state, or country know who and what is it that you are operating within their jurisdictions (B2G, pars. 1). There are offices where you can do your paper work such as DMV, or you can go online to their website. Online business to government is much better because you can avoid the wait and crowded which comes with offices. You can find all your application and what not on their site. Even better you could fill them out online and send it in from your house. According to SearchCIO these type of transaction happens with major companies who specializes with government construction and citizens who need government paper work such as visa, passport, driver license, etc. 

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