Ngoc Diep

Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0?

YouTube Video


The video “Web 2.0 for Newbies” did a good job using cut out drawings to show a fun narrative story that explains what Web 2.0 is and how it is being use.

 “The adventures of Leonardo” is what the video is about. It starts out by introducing how Leonardo discovered the Internet that ran on Web 1.0. The system was very limited because the main function only allowed him to get the published information. Leonardo was not happy and disagreed with some opinions he came across in an article but he couldn't do anything about it until he discovered Web 2.0. He became happier and was satisfied because it gave him the option to voice his opinion and thought online. He then brought this to the next level by creating his own site and blog that allowed others to voice their opinion and thought. Not long after, he came across Facebook, a social networking site which expanded the on focus of Web 2.0. With Facebook, it allowed interactions, he was able to write comment to others, share ideas and photos and voice his opinion.

This video carries the basic idea that capture Web 2.0. The right side of this of page will go further in detail explaining the history and how Web 2.0 work.

Web 2.0 is broadly defined but it has revolutionized the internet experience for everyone. Webopedia ( defined it as a “second generation of the World Wide Web”. This new and improve web development and design is a web based community that focus on web participation and interaction of ideas and data available online. Wikipedia, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter just to name a few are some of application or website that uses Web 2.0.

(This photo came from Wikipedia)


To the right is a 
print screen image of our project, it is a great example of Web 2.0. It allows us to edit our work and interact with other students by sharing our opinion in the comment box. 

According to Wikipedia, the term Web 2.0 was first used by Darcy DiNucci in 1999,  it was said that the word was popularized by Tim O'Reily in 2003 (but many other site that I have came across stated 2004) with “the idea of the Web as a platform” ( referring to viewing the internet as a one way street where individual may view, collect or gather the information. The expansion of the web platform made possible through XML, Javascript (a language use to build a website) Ajax (a web application), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocal, it made activating application possible using XML), and mash-up (made integration of application and web page possible).


Overall Web 2.0 shifted the way people communicate, it allows them to share their opinion, thought, ideas, experience, and perspective through the internet which made possible through the platform and online tools. It draws in users and engages them. This pretty much resembles of our daily life of interaction with others. Web 2.0 had made it all possible and help revolutionize the way we use the internet.