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A database query is a code that is sent to a database in order retrieve information back from the database.
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A database query is essentially a "question" that users ask a database with regards to retrieving information. The results of the query are the information that is returned by the database management system.  Queries are usually constructed using SQL (structured query language) which is essentially a complex programming language.
The term 'query' actually means find, search or question. When users query a database, they are searching for information in the database. Different query languages exist for different type of databases. Microsoft Access uses SQL. Microsoft Access contains Tables, Forms, and Queries. The Forms are used to enter or display the data, the Tables are where the data is saved, and the queries are used to search for specific data. 

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Creating a Simple Query in Microsoft Access

Databases allow users to combine information from multiple tables in a database through an efficient manner.
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Microsoft Access offers a powerful query functions with an easy-to-learn interface that makes it quite simple to extract the information users will need from their desired database.

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This tutorial will brief the creation of a simple query.

Let us explore the process step-by-step.

  1. Open a database. Go to the File tab, select Open and locate a desired database on your computer. 
  2. Select the queries tab. This will bring up a listing of the existing queries that are included in your database along with two options to create new queries
  3. Double-click on "create query by using wizard". The query wizard simplifies the creation of new queries. Select all desired options, and then run query
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