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Sales and Marketing Applications (Systems)

      Sales and Marketing Applications are a part of the Business Processes  (more info on Business process), which are important components of operating a business.  Business Processes are designed to create value for the customer and increase the company’s efficiency.

Marketing is used to identify customers, satisfy customers, and retain customers by improving the selling environment. Within a business, marketing processes are used to manage the brands and products of the company. The companies’ marketing processes also include marketing applications which are used to measure demand for a product in the various segments of the market. There are also marketing applications that are used to measure the effectiveness of a company’s advertising and promoting.

Sales is, of course, a vital part of most businesses and is supported by the Sales Business Process. The Sales Process is meant to improve interaction between customer and company, and most importantly, to find potential customers that a company may be able sell products to. Sales Applications are used to sell more products to past customers, and to forecast the future sales of a company.

What is an Application? A Functional Application is computer software that is used to support the activities of a business process. So that means that Sales and Marketing Applications are computer programs that support the Sales and Marketing Business Processes.


    Sales and Marketing Applications are extremely useful tools for a company. These computer programs allow the Sales and Marketing Business Processes to be carried out smoothly, so that the most value can be created for the customer. An effective Sales Process allows a company to seek out more potential customers, properly forecast future profits, and positively interact with its customers. And a proper Marketing Process can allow a company to promote its brands and products more effectively, as well as increase customer satisfaction. The possibilities of growth through these two processes show the potential and importance of using Sales and Marketing Applications in any company.

The Importance Of Customer Satisfaction

A main purpose of Sales and Marketing Applications is to increase customer satisfaction.
But why is customer satisfaction so important?

Watch this video to find out!


Sales and Marketing Applications combined with the Internet offer an incredible marketing resource for all companies. Hear Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, talk about this important tool by watching this video!

The Importance of Marketing Applications and The Internet

The common functional applications of the Sales

and Marketing Business Processes are:

Lead Generation and Tracking, which is used to generate and monitor the interest of potential customers and current customers of the company. Some examples of this application are newsletter lists, previous customer records, referral programs, telemarketing, internet advertisements, and search engine optimization.

Product Management, which is used to forecast future sales of a specific product and to analyze the products strongest selling points so as to produce the most effective Product Marketing plan. These applications are usually used to determine a product’s pricing, placement, packaging, promotion, and positioning.

Brand Management, which is used to analyze the best way to promote a brand. Successful brand management can increase sales not only for a single product, but for all products associated with the brand. These applications can be used to create a certain brand image, attain brand recognition, and associate the brand with certain thoughts, emotions, opinions, and experiences. The purpose of these applications is to convey a specific brand identity that the target audience can relate to, to increase brand recognition and sales.

Sales Forecasting, which is used to predict the future sales of a product or company. Sales forecasting is an important tool that allows companies to prepare for upcoming sales by knowing what to expect. These applications are used to analyze data from market research, previous demand records, and other indicators, to estimate future sales trends.

Customer Management, which is used to manage a company’s interactions with its potential, current, and past customers/clients. These applications are used to collect data concerning sales transactions, opportunities, territories, and customer information to determine a company’s relationship with its customers.