Josh Brennan

Sales & Marketing Systems 


The transfer of goods for cash between a company and a client is the sales portion of the company. This brings in the money for the corporations for the goods or service that they produce or offer to their clientele.

Having a good sales system is crucial whether it being over the internet or on site. If the sales system is flawed then it can directly affect the corporation where it hurts, right in their pockets. If finances are affected to deeply the corporation will be forced to downsize or even file bankruptcy.

If the sales system is flawed then the corporation has no way in being sure if their finances are accurate. Also, they have no way in knowing if the inventory is completely accurate as well.

A system to make the best of both worlds

No corporation can survive with only one of these systems in their favor, it is up to the heads of the corporation to figure out what will be the best option that will raise not only profits but also help the corporation grow.


When a person comes up with an idea for a new product or service they are forced into certain situations. The first is focusing on sales. Doing whatever it takes in order to sell. It can mean going door to door and everyone you think will like your product.


An example of a sales system is a point on sales system. This is the kind of system that people usually see when they go out shopping. The point of sales system is a device that keeps track of sales right when they are purchased and a program keeps the company up to date. They vary from scanners for bar codes or even manually imputing the data.

The next is expanding the name of the product and the corporation. This is when it comes down to in deciding how the corporation wants to spread the word about their product and also by which methods.


video marketing

No business can survive for very long or be a great success without getting the word out. Marketing is the strategy of making the product or services that the corporation provides desirable to their intended target customers. 

It is not always about how much money a company can make because if the company cannot continuously expand and get their product out to their target audience. A system must be put into place to have a team set up a strategy in order to continuously get the product out to the product and advertise it to their market successfully.

If a corporation does not learn early on how to get their product or service out to the world successfully they have no hopes in growing or being a great success. For example, if a corporation that provides athletic equipment only seems to be reaching the elderly they will not succeed. Sure the elderly can buy stuff for their grandchildren, but it will be even better if they found a more direct way in getting to athletes that may enjoy their equipment.

Some ideas range from tabling at campuses with a big athletic program, athletic department stores and also professional athletic events. Specifically targeting their potential clients is important.