Tony Nguyen

Tony Nguyen
What is cloud computing?
Definition:a form of hardware software outsourcing in which organizations offer flexible pans for customers to lease hardware and software facilities
Cloud computing is just like leasing an apartment or a car but without the heavy expense and the hassle of dealing with every issue. With cloud computing all issues are handled and resolved by the leasor. Instead of being force to pay for the whole software the leasee is charged based on how much of the resource is being used.
Past: The idea started by a computer scientist in 1961 named John Mccarthy where he gave a speech about computing power being convienant and access like water and electricity. It wasnt until 1999 where began to work around the concept. Even though was the first to exercise the idea  Amazon's Web service was the company that put cloud computing on the map.
Present:Today there are many big name companies that are interested and investing in cloud computing such as Google, IBM, Oracle, Dell, HP and many more companies.
        Apple has recently began providing offering cloud services to their customer by giving customers the option the option of storing  music, photos, documents onto their iCloud server.
Future: Cloud computing is the next computing movement that is spectulated to increase in size and importance by 2020.
            According to Forbes' writer Joe Mckendrick cloud computing will generate 14 million new jobs within the next three years. Cloud computing will not only expand the job markets for IT but also market, sales, finance and administration, production jobs.
Because cloud computing is still a relatively new concept there are some downside and potential risk in using the Cloud.

Some negative effects of cloud computing is privacy issues as some users of the cloud may be reluctant in giving up their information to a third party with the chance of having the cloud server being hacked. With inconsistency of protection of this data may cause customers to stray away from using the cloud’s services. Another downside to the cloud is its effect on the earth’s global warming problem.  According to cloud computing has the possibility of saving $12 billion in energy bill and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 85 million metric tons within a decade. However those attractive figures can only be reach if the cloud companies would operate in a green manner which is unfortunately not the way most cloud companies are operating.  Companies such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are using unclean methods of obtaining their energy for their cloud servers from coal and nuclear plants. There are many alternatives in powering a cloud server that make these services more attractive such as using the wind or the sun as a source of energy.

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