Armand Casanare III

 Social networking, in general, is typically interaction between groups of people who sometimes share a certain interest, purpose, etc… and from there, develop contacts with one another.  One may be more accustomed to today’s implicit definition in regards to the use of the internet.  Computers have allowed users to interact via the internet on social networking sites or other applications making communication between people more accessible and convenient. 



There are numerous amounts of benefits when one utilizes social networking ranging from personal, business, education, and beyond.  In a world that craves that instant gratification, social networks can be the doorway to that destination.  For instance, consider the following examples where the implementation of social networking has benefitted the user:

·         Education

o   Right here on campus, one is able to access the school’s version of a social networking site, SJSU D2L.  Here users are allowed to interact with one another and even the teachers.  The users are allowed to exchange information, ask questions, and work on projects; almost anything a user is able to do in person, they can do over this social network.

·         Business

o   According to Using MIS by David M. Kroenke, viral marketing is paramount to a business.  It allows the business to directly reach and interact with its customers through the use of social networking.  For example, say a company creates a social networking page on a social network.  Now, customers using that same social network are able to interact with that company directly, and that customer is able to tell their friends (via social network) about the company, and their friends tell their friends, and so forth. 

·         Personal

o   Now, in this day and age, I’m sure one has at least had an encounter with Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, etc…    Social networks have inevitably made the world a smaller place.  One’s friends, family, colleagues, and the like are all just a click away.  One is able to share messages as a tweet, share a photo on Instagram, like a status on Facebook; the possibilities are endless, as well as the benefits of social networking.  Although, for the those who have been living under a rock for the past few years, here is a web site along with a photo that basically explains it all… with donuts!


Along with the wonderful benefits that social networking brings one, there is a dark side as well.  For every benefit, there are just enough arguments to go against social networking.

·         Privacy

o   Users of social networks should be forewarned that anything posted on social networks are for viewers to see freely.  So, unless one does not wish for anyone to see the content one has posted to a social network one should not post it.   Like the recently coined social networking slogan goes, “What happens in Vegas ends up on Facebook.”

Privacy along with other arguments against social networking include online bullying; personal interaction; and use of patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc… are just a few of the issues concerning the use of social networking.  

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Here's an example of social networking...  at work!