Information for Computer Hard Disk Drives and Other Storage

Links to Websites with Price and Performance Data

The cost of Hard Disk Drive Storage Space site provides a detailed history of price, capacity, and manufacturer for drives from 1980 to present, and the cost of a first 5 megabyte IBM drive that sold for $50,000 in 1956, or $10,000 per megabyte.

John C. McCallum maintains a site with data for size, price, manufacturer and other information that beginning in 1955 with some data for the 1960s and 1970s.

MattsComputerTrends provides a snapshot of pricing each March for Hard Disk Drives, Flash, and Ram taken from advertisements.  This data makes it very easy to see examples of pricing strategies based on storage capacity.

Apple2history provides n Apple Oriented narrative of disk drive development with some pricing information is maintained.


Links to Website with Business and Technical Information

Micron Technology provides a history of major developments in digital storage.

Wikipedia's History of Hard Disk Drives provides a timeline and narrative of development.

In the Economics of MicroFabrication, Sami Franssila discusses the reasons for similarities in price trends for hard disk drives, flash memory, and solar panels.

Speadsheet Data
The spreadsheet below provides annual data on the best price per megabyte for a hard drive (prices are mid-year) based on a search of information on the internet.

Drive Price