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Production Management

    What is production management and how does it work. In what industry does production management is most viable. What are the steps involved in production management.  These are some of relevant questions that guide managers to plan, organize, and execute their plan. First, production management is defined as planning, executing, and controlling production process to ensure that operation is smooth and efficient. According to the Free Dictionary by Farlex, production management can be used in manufacturing and even the service industry.

    Production management or operation management are responsible for the “five Ms" according to Free Dictionary. The "five Ms" refers to the men and women, methods, machines, and money. As part the "five Ms" managers have to maintain an efficient work process. The workforce that consists of both men and women have to be effectively utilized to produce the appropriate level of output planned by the production management team. Additionally, managers are responsible for keeping in close communication with other department since money is involved. A big part of production management required that inventory has to be controlled through an inventory management control system. Everything that is planned for production must be recorded and keep tracked of. By using  the inventory management control system, the logistics of material flows is more visible, and communication with suppliers increases efficiency and is more cost effective.