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Global iinventory management system

When an organization enters in the supply chain management system, global inventory management systems becomes an important aspect of transportation.

At a certain point they will need to move their inventory through the supply chain, therefore this is when they will need to decide what type of transportation they want to use. There are a few transportation alternatives which a company can use, these include by: truck, rail, ship, pipeline, air, or electronic. Their decision in picking the best type of transportation will vary depending how fast they want their inventory to be delivered, and how much they are willing to pay.

One type of system that an organization can use is a global inventory management system which is used when transporting components or materials with any of the transportation methods. It is useful when an organization wants to easily locate, track, and predict where each of their inventory is being moved through the supply chain. Inventory needs to be carefully transported when shipping great amounts of goods to other countries, and this system creates an efficient and effective way of doing so.
A company which does global inventory management systems is NetVMI USA . It is a web service where they are able to provide frequent updates on a suppliers or customers inventory transportation activities. This information is also stored in an SQL Server database which can be used to send quick updates to customer's emails. Their website is helpful to those organizations that want to manage their inventory in a remote location.
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