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Telecommunication System

Telecommunications Systems

What is Telecommunications Systems?

Telecommunication systems transmit data or signals over short or long distances between networks for the usage of communication. Though telecommunications systems did not work as well in the past, there have been vast improvements and is arguably the staple of modern business and society today. Now, more than ever, businesses are making the move towards a network that reach more consumers globally and there are many choices to choose from.  These choices include voice over internet protocol (VoIP), and radio, wireless, and radio frequency identification (RFID).

Telecommunication systems only require three elements:

1.       Information that is taken in by a transmitter and turned into a signal.

2.       The signal is then carried out through a network medium.

3.       Signal is then received and translated back into information.

An example of these three telecommunication system elements is how television works. A network station broadcasts shows and commercials and then that signal is carried through cables and into the houses, and it finally gets transmitted and displayed on the television.

Telecommunication systems are usually two-way. An example is point to point communication, which happens through a telephone where there is only one transmitter and receiver.

When more receivers want to be reached than a broadcast communication system is used.

Signals of communication come in two forms: digital or analog. Though analog is still in use more transmitter providers are making the switch towards a digital signal because the information received is much clearer than analog, which is more likely to be interrupted by noise.

Telecommunications systems of today are transferred through many mediums such as the telephone, radio, television, LAN networks and the ever-growing internet. A combination of any form of telecommunication has made businesses more efficient, it has made communication easier, and has globally connected everyone together.


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