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A smartphone integrates the functions of a cellular phone and PDA in a handheld device. A smartphone has an operating system unlike a normal cell phone. Smartphones are able to send and receive emails.
Smartphones have become very popular because they make the internet easily accessible. It gives you the capabilities of a small computer, and can be synchronized with a computer. These phones have become really attractive to business people, and other entrepreneurs that have busy schedules and important dates to keep in mind. The BlackBerry is a smartphone that received a lot of publicity. Most business peopole were using them to keep track of investments, and emails. More people are beginning to use these smartphones for other uses other than just business. The iphone is a smartphone that has attracted a large portion of the teenage market. Applications are being added to smartphones which is making them more attractive to the younger market. When the President Barack Obama was elected he was using a BlackBerry which gave a huge popularity boost to the smartphone producers.
Smartphones combine the cellphone and an operating system to make a very useful tool. A few of the most popular smartphone operating systems are: Symbian OS, OS X, RIM, Windows Mobile, Palm, and Android. These operating systems all offer different specifics, but for the most part they all focus on the same goal, being fast, smart, and efficient. These operating systems are found in expensive smartphones such as the BlackBerry, Palm Treo, iPhone, and the Droid. All of these operating systems are trying to control as much of the market that they can.
Smartphone prices-
iPhone- $199 w/ 2 year contract AT&T
BlackBerry- $179 w/ 2 year contract Verizon
Palm Treo Pro- $199 w/ 2 year contract Sprint
Droid- $199 w/ 2 year contract Verizon
Positives: With a smartphone you can check your email in any place you have reception without having to visit a computer. The web in your pockets gives benefits such as saving time to have to look for certain information on the home computer. You can shop from a smartphone, or pay a bill from on your credit card directly from your phone.
Negatvies: Depending on how your pocket book is looking you may not want to invest in a smartphone just yet. Some of the prices are outrageous unless you create a new contract. If one is not tech savvy and has trouble with computers and other technology, one might want to recondsider purchasing a smartphone. Some of the smartphones such as the iPhone do not have insurance, which means one will have to buy a completely new phone if one severely damages it.