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Microwave Transmitter

What is a Microwave Transmitter?: A device that transmits and usu. receives RF (Radio Frequency) signals in the 1-100GHz range. You can find them everywhere, from the cell phone in your pocket, to the huge dish pictured to the right used to transmit voice and data across vast distances, as well as beam them to satellites in space.

Science: Microwave transmitters exist to send data or voice along a sinusoidal wave. An electronic device that transmits signals in the Ghz ranging from 1-100 Ghz.

Application: TV stations (HD included), Radio stations, Cell Phones, military transmission eqipment, and a 
multitude of other handheld portable devices. Wi-Max, AKA 4G, is a newer technology capable of transmitting signals much farther than conventional cell phone signals, and will continue to gain market share albeit slowly in the US due to FCC strangleholds and other bureaucratic roadblocks. 

High powered RF Microwave transmission systems have a big issue with filtering the signal, meaning in the midst of generating the signal, many 

Microwave Power Transmission: Sounding like something out of a science fiction novel, the idea of transmitting power via RF waves has been around since 1946. Research has even been done on 

Dangers: These days there are high frequency microwave range signals flying around everywhere. Considering the innumerous
number of RF devices surrounding us its a wonder people aren't more concerned about the affects of constant exposure to RF waves.             
Reports of cancer developing in the region where the cell phone was held next to isn't so uncommon. I personally feel paranoid even 
standing in front of the microwave, which use 1500W of RF power to fry food.

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