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What Is Bandwidth?
Basically Bandwidth is "Data Transfer Rate" 

How is it measured?
It is usually measured by bits per sec (bps).  what that means is how much data(the amount of data) that is sent from one point to another In one second.

Electronic Bandwidth - in electronics the bandwidth is measured in width of the range and not (bps).  These are the frequencies of an electronic signal which can also be called band.   

    In computer networks for example if you had a modem that was 57,600 bps and a modem that was 28,800 bps than the modem with the higher bit rate would transfers at a higher rate.  for this example the 57,600 modem transfer twice as fast as the 28,800 modem.

    Having a higher bandwidth is idle for people to surf the web, stream movies or videos and especially for people who download.
    Usually your bandwidth is determined by your Internet Service Provider.  They are the ones who usually put a cap on what amount of bandwidth you get.  Should you be using dial-up vs. broadband, you can see a difference in the speed webpages load and downloads download.