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Imagine a technological world without security.  It would be a world of chaos, there would be so much identity theft, loss of information and if the power gets into the wrong hands it would just be nasty.  With the creation of tokens, they allow particular sites and companies to secure the information in which is shared.  A token is a tangible device which authorizes users to access certain information or databases.  They are used to authenticate ones identity by using a small electronic token.  Tokens have been either used along side with a password or it acts just like a password.  Tokens allow you to access things that have been locked and unavailable for public use.  The tokens are usually small and compact.   The tokens can range in size from as small as a USB or as big as a credit card.  All tokens are designed differently some may require some sort of biometrics or may require a digital signature.  Also, some maybe be connected through the USB ports or some have a Bluetooth wireless interface allowing them to transfer information to clients or databases. 


One of my relatives is an attorney and from time to time he is required to do work at home on the weekends.  Since the whole firm is all connected through this particular database in which they share information, emails, log time and more.  The firm requires each associate to carry their tokens with them in order to access the database.  The token that he has is no bigger than a Milano Cookie, and it is connected through a Bluetooth wireless interface to authenticate that it indeed is my Uncle.  While observing my Uncle use his token, it seems that tokens are fairly easy to use.  The process in which he follows to access his database is as follows.  First, he places the token on his lab top so that will not be any connection issues when using the wireless token.  Next a bunch of numbers on the token appear, those numbers appeared to be his identification number.  Then after loading his profile and the information on the database there is one more step.  The way that his company set up the system requires the associates to enter a password alongside with the token itself.  They do this to insure the security of the associate and of course the security of the company. 

   Tokens may not always be so convenient; they can be a hassle at times too.  Since many tokens are made fairly small it can be hard to hold on too or keep track of.  My uncle has encountered this many times.  There were a few times that he had not been able to find his token.  He was able to log onto the database but was not able to get any further because he did not have his token.  When you loose your token for the database, you loose your token it is as if you do not exist on the database.  If you loose your token and it gets into the wrong hands it could be hazardous for yourself and your company.  This is why in most cases the token is accompanied by a password created by the associate.  In the case of not having a password this could be detrimental to the company.      


Tokens are very convenient for those who enjoy working from home because they are able to access their work from any computer.  They also are used as a way to authenticate and identify that the person logging in or working is that actual person.  Tokens come in all shapes and sizes.  They can connect in various ways such as through a USB connection or even better Bluetooth wireless connection.  Tokens are great for companies with many employees it’s a great way to keep track of them all.  Just do not loose it.