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    Spyware or also known as sneakware and stealthware is software that is used to track someone’s actions on a computer. Spyware can be used for positive actions and then there are the negative actions, which is usually the bigger issue. When thinking about spyware I always think of ethics. Is it okay to track what someone is doing on their computer without their knowledge? Some will say yes and others will say no, this is usually determined by the persons personal experiences. This is much more detailed that a key logger or click stream. This soft ware is used to track someone’s every move online, and also tracks the person’s information that they have stored on their computer. This is somewhat like a cookie, which is installed, and tracks the persons web movement, except to use spy ware the user does not need to be on the web. Many people that use spyware software are usually using it for personal reasons. Such as wanting to make sure they know what their children are doing online, wife’s, husbands and someone maybe trying to hack in to someone’s personal information for illegal purposes. When the spyware software is installed on someone’s’ computer it usually goes without notice, unless they install spyware detection.
    Spyware detection is software someone can download onto his or her computer, which will search for spyware. This way the user knows if someone is tracking what he or she are doing on his or her computer and can take appropriate action. Since people are concerned with others tracking them on their computers and are concerned about their personal information spyware detection has become popular. At the end of reading this you may understand why someone would want to install spyware detection.
    Usually spyware is downloaded onto a persons or organizations computer to track information to use against them or for identity theft. Many parents track what their children are doing whether it be online or just what they are doing on the computer. In the case where parents are tracking their children it is usually for parental controls and safety. This way a parent knows the information the children are storing on their computer and what they are doing when they are online. Because of how vulnerable children can be when they have access to the Internet, parents need to be cautious, and safe rather than sorry latter.
    On the other hand what I would call negative note spouses will download spyware on their spouses computer or on their family computer. This is to track what their spouse is doing on the computer at all times. Usually someone will install spyware because they believe that their spouse is being dishonest about something or because they believe it is possible that they are having an affair, which could have started online. And other times the person thinks that their spouse maybe downloading according to them inappropriate materials. Spyware is like a privte investigatior used when someone believes their spouse is cheating.
    Spyware has also been used for business purposes. Businesses may track each employees actions on the company computer to make sure what the employee is doing is appropriate during business hours. Also many companies will gather information about someone so they can send them advertisements trying to win their business.
    Spyware has become controversial because it becomes an issue of ethics. Should someone secretly be able to install software that tracks the users information and what he or she does on their computer? It boils down to ethics. You will get different answers depending on whom you talk to. This is because if someone is doing it to protect a loved one or themselves then they feel it is justifiable. But, the other argument is that someone should be trusted while they are on their computer, and what they do on their own computer is only their business.
    To sum up spyware is the same idea as spying on someone, except they are watching what they are doing on a computer instead of following the person. Spyware is deceitful because it is done without the users knowledge and comes across as being very sneaky. However, it does exist and I have included links throughout this paper on how to get the software and how to get the spyware detection programs. I have also included how to get software to remove spyware.