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Smart card

Smart Card is a plastic card that has a size and shape of a credit card.  It considers as your identity card.  Smart card is like a mini computer.  It is an electronic recording device; it can record information such as credit card, debit card, and your personal information.


The advantages of Smart Card are flexibility, security, portability, increasing data storage capacity, and reliability.  It considers flexible because one card can replace many of your daily use cards.  This smart card can be use as your ID, a credit card, a stored-value cash card, and medical history.  Security is a number one that everyone wants.  Smart card is considering an encryption device.  User can encrypt and decrypt information without relying on unknown. 

Commerce is using smart card to transform retail into electronic commerce.  The cost for the transaction is low but it gives electronic commerce many benefits.  Electric commerce can customize their service.  Moreover, the user can get customize service even without previous contacts with the supplier.
Smart card technology are now using by enterprise networks.  The organizations can gain alot for a very lower cost.



As always, everything has two sides.  Smart card can be representing as your identity.  Everything about you is storing in that little card.  If any part of the card got wipe out such as cash balance, you will feel frustrated because when you do a withdrawal or a deposit of cash, there will not be any transaction that record on your smart card.


At a hospital emergency room, the smart card is using to identify the patient’s insurance carrier.  In addition, this card can process test, treatment, billing, and prescription very rapidly.  Now it is easier for hospital to keep track of their patients’ condition because all the patients medical information are add into this microchip.