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Key logger software

Definition - What is a key logger software?

    The universal definition of a key logger software is a software program that monitors keystrokes, record the keystrokes and log the keystrokes. A key logger software is hidden within a computer to monitor the user's usage of the computer. A key logger software is used by many companies to review and analyze the consumers behavior to understand the consumer and what the consumer might want to better their experience. Another legitimate usage of the key logger is to help parents monitor their children usage of the computer.
    A key logger software is consider as a monitoring program. It tracks the user's activities by analyzing the numbers of keystrokes and then would related it to relevant data in which the programmer of the software can understand the program. Although there are many legitimate usage of the key logger software, hackers and people with the intent to steal private information develop a software embedded within a modification program or a executable program in which it will steal private information once install into the user's computer. This key logger can also be transfer though worms, trojan-horse virus, virus and etc. To fight against this type of problem, the solution to this problem would be to use an anit-keylogger program or do be careful in which you would download or use. Only use programs from programmers and organization in which you know and trust.     

Real Life Example - Some real life example of key loggers software in use.

Bad Experience with a Key Logger Software

During my WoW, World of Warcraft, days there was a constant arrays of insecurities due to key logger software and programs that might be infected in the computers. A key logger can be used for malicious intent or usage. The reason why gamers and PC users fear that a key logger software is installed in their computer is because with a malicious key logger installed into the computer, private information such as credit card passwords, security passwords, and other private information can be taken from the computer and transmitted to another server or computer. A real life example of this occurring is when WoW accounts could have been sold for quite some money, or when items in the game was worth to a certain substantial amount of money. A gamer friend of mine downloaded to what he believe a virus/key logger free modification to up his WoW gaming experience, but after a few days he downloaded this modification. He could not log onto his account due to a password change. The process in which it takes to change someones password or to reset the password takes a long time, by the time the gamer friend receive the reset password the account's items and currency has been taken and transfer to a different account. It can be devastating when losing items and currency in the game because it takes so much time to gain them in the first place. Not only did this happen again and again repeatedly, but this affected two other people due to the fact that this gamer friend use their accounts to log in to check if his account was being in use. This is an example of how a key logger can be used by a hacker to rely or obtain certain information that is not theirs.

Good Experience with a Key Logger Software
During my first job at a company that I previously worked for. A key logger software was installed in all the computers in the company. It was used to track users to see if they are doing work or not. It was a system in which at first I thought was an injustice to privacy, but it was my first job so I did not want to issue a complaint. Although I notice that in the work place, after knowing or having the knowledge that a key logger software is installed into every computer, the work environment tends to be more productive and efficient, although I cannot say that for every work place environment that utilizes a key logger software. A list of legal and legit key logger software that can be used are the following: Spector Pro, SpyAgent, IamBigBrother, and etc. For more information please go to the reviews of the top 10 key logger software.

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