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Acceptable use policy

Acceptable use policy (also called fair use policy) is a policy set by the owner of a website or network, that outlines the rules a user must follow in order to be allowed access.  When signing up with an internet service provider you will be presented with an acceptible use policy, in which you must agree to follow a certain set of rules such as:
  • Not using the service as part of violating any law.
  • Not attempting to break the security of any computer network or user.
  • Not posting commercial messages to usenet groups without prior permission.
  • Not attempting to send spam.
  • Not attempting to flood a server with massive amounts of email.
Acceptable use policies are the basis of information security policies. A company will usually ask new members of a company to sign an acceptable use policy before they can gain access to the company's information systems. Because of this, an acceptable use policy must be clear and to the point, while still covering all aspects of what a user can and can not do with the information systems of a company. It will usually contain a link directing users to a full list of the company's security rules. It will also explain what happens if a users fails to follow the company's acceptable use policy.
A company will conduct regular audits, to ensure its users are following the policy.