Document Management System

Document Management System-A computer system that is in charge of maintaining the storage of documents. The system stores and tracks all different types of documents that may include electronic, the images of paper documents and other types of documents. DMS is often considered a component of Enterprise Content Management systems.

Methods of managing documents cover the following
Location Consideration of the placement of the documents. Where is the key word when determining the location of where the documents will be stored.
Filing Method of filing documents. Organization and indexing documents will be crucial to future referencing of documents.
Retrieval This is how documents can be pulled up or found. It has to deal with searching and browsing throughout various documents to find very specific information.
Security This is the protection of the documents to prevent any theft of information. This will address the situation of only allowing authorization to those who need to access the specific documents.
Disaster recovery A method that allows documents to be recovered after any event of natural disasters.
Retention period Duration of documents being kept.
Archiving The act of preserving documents for future reference.
Distribution The method of making documents available for necessities of the people.
Workflow The rules that govern how documents pass in a flow style type from person to person.
Creation How are documents created.
Authenticity The method of determining the authenticity of a document.
Traceability How to track the details of a document. The when, where, and whom of the docment are detailed to show creation, modification, publication and storage.