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Internet service provider

Is a company that provides home and companies customers access to the internet and to other linked services. Without an Internet Service Provider there is no way that anyone can connect to the internet. Once the company provides an Internet Service Provider, the connection to the internet will be available. Most Internet Service Provider are telephone companies. These companies are telephone companies such as: AT&T and MCI. Normally the Internet Service Provider charges a monthly fee to customers in return for providing the customer with their services. Also, there are different types of packages that telephone companies offer to customers. There are low cost packages to expensive packages. The low cost packages do not offer a fast speed internet, whereas, the expensive packages do offer a fast speed internet service. For example, dial-up which is slow and it would is not costly. The dial up does required of a phone line in order to install the internet. On the other hand, LAN is wireless and it is more costly. Internet Service Provider backs up several different internet access such as modem dial-up, cable modem broadband to DSL. Another internet service that Internet Service Provider sustains is the Wireless Internet service provider (WISP) that offers internet access through wireless LAN or broadband networks. Wireless Internet Service Provider allows subscribers to connect to a server at designated access points using the wireless connection.

There are local and national Internet Service Provider. The local Internet Service Provider only provides its services to a small region and the national Internet Service Provider provides services to a larger region. Internet Service Provider is connected to what is called the Network Access Points (NAP) when using cable modem technology or DSL when using high speed or dial up connection. Both local and national are connected to the Network Access Points.

Addition to Internet Service Provider, there is also two other common forms of service providers such as: Online Service Provider (OSP) and Application Service Provider (ASP).

Online Service Provider provides its own version of web advisor.

Application Service Provider offers service over the internet that otherwise would have to be located only in organizational computers. Application Service Provide provides less expensive software’s.

Some related services are: web hosting services, hard disk storage space, broadband access, DNS, Email service, and Usenet service. Internet Service Provider companies also provide service to educational institutes where they use both wireless and dial-up internet. Nowadays, there are many places where wireless internet is offered for a temporary use. The places where a temporary internet use can be found is at coffee shops, restaurants, libraries and schools. For example, universities provide wireless network for students who decide to take their laptops with them to school. Educational institute’s wireless network does required students to log on to their network. All students have an authorization of free access to the internet only if they are current students and if they have their personal log in information. This process is called the authentication of students. Furthermore, students have to agree to the university private policy, called Acceptable use policy (AUP). The university role is to monitor student’s activities to maintain an ethical computer use.

The internet use has become very popular and important in today’s society. The demand for the internet is high which has brought many individuals to install an internet service provider. The internet has impacted tremendously and with time the internet will make our life easier that what it has now. When deciding on an internet service provider always look for high speed internet, best package deal, and what type of internet access is available in you area.   



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