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Consumer to Business (C2B) is a business model for e- commerce in which people and individuals are the ones offering the products to companies and than the companies pay them.  This is the complete opposite of business to consumer where the businesses pay the individual.  Individuals can do this now because technology is now cheaper and more widely available to the public.  Because of that, they have the ability to do more innovative things, which can lead to business buying your product or using your innovative ideas.  C2B can be done i person or it can be done electronically like the internet.  This is known as Electronic Commerce (E-commerce)

An example of C2B is the online advertisement people put on major websites like Amazon and Google.

E Commerce

E commerce stands for electronic commerce and it is when someone buys and sells things electronically, like through the internet or some other electronic network.  E commerce has grown a lot since it first hit the scene and it has lead to more innovative things for people to create. When people do e commerce it is mostly to get some goods in to their hands and they do that by interacting with retailer.  This is done by the internet and the retailers are usually called E-tailers 
Through the history of e commerce there have been some major players taking advantage of doing business electronically.  It first started with companies like Amazon and netscpae.  Than e bay came along with business.com.  So a lot of people have taken advantage of this idea of dealing with consumers and businesses electronically. 

There is also a website called C2B Direct that lets consumers better get in contact with businesses to do e commerce.  There motto is, "Delivering customers directly to businesses".  In this website there is portal direct marketing, where businesses can contact and acquire consumers through websites and other portals. 
    First there is client reach and this is where consumers put down what they have to offer.  Than there is the customer relevancy and that is when businesses go on and try to find the best consumer that fits their needs.  Than there are resluts where the businesses try to find the clients needs and the consumer they hired can get the job done.

There are a lot of other companies that are mediators between consumers and businesses and that just makes the process much easier for both parties.  C2B has not been around for that long, but with the new and innovative technologies, it should be around for a long time.