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Is best described as the process by which a user clicks on an advertisement on a page and is successfully directed to the advertiser's website. Click-Through is considered a way of measuring the effectiveness of a website. A click-through helps count the number of times a viewer clicked on a certain Online ad. The downfall of a click-through is that it does not measure whether the viewer liked the advertisement or whether it was useful to the user. Click-through helps advertiser's determine which ad is most effective on certain websites. Generally it takes about 100 to 200 clicks for an ad to make a sale. A great way to increase your click-through is by creating an ad that gives good information or tips but leaves out a slightly more important tip, therefore creating curiosity in the user and causing them to click on your ad.

A second term associated with click-through is click-through rate (CTR) which is used to determine the success of an Online ad. The rate is found using two numbers: the number of times the ad was delivered or appeared on user's pages and the number of times it was clicked on. Ex: A banner appeared 75 times and was clicked on 5 times, the CTR would be (5/75) = .06 or 6%. An average CTR varies with the product you are selling whether it is dog food, children's toys, or vitamins. Also, if your ad is on a website for a Blog about muscle cars, but the advertisement is for party supplies, it is not likely that your CTR will be significantly high.

An advertiser is also able to track whether their ads are successful (when clicks turn into purchases) by Clickstream data. Essentially, the bottom line for advertisers is a purchase.