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Business to Consumer

This is a concept that applies to businesses that sell products or provide services to consumers using the Internet as their basis. Prior to the existence of the Internet people would have to go outside of their house to purchase goods and/or services. Today the Internet has become the most convenient way for many Americans to shop and seek out service providers.

The Internet allows access to anyone with access to the Internet. The internet is used for a wide rage of things such as: Consumer to Business, consumers to consumers, and Business to Business, all of these are ways for people to use the internet to buy, sell, and trade their products or services. Using the Internet for many people is more convenient than running a store.

The Internet has become as a useful tool for many households, business, and the general public, and especially consumers. Businesses, which operate over the Internet, have many benefits. Businesses now have the ability to sell and provide services to consumers without opening up a physical store. This lowers the cost of leasing a space in a mall or shopping center for many businesses, this way businesses can benefit with more of a profit then they would if they had to pay a lease for a store, the electricity, heating/ air conditioning, and the cost of having employees in the store during business hours, not to mention the cost of insurance for running a physical business. The advertisement cost for the businesses also decrease when operating on the internet, because a consumer can just search for the product or service that they are looking for and many companies that offer those products or services come up.

The consumers also benefit when businesses operate on the Internet. Consumers have the ability to search for the products or services on the Internet. The consumer saves on their time spent driving around going to different stores to find out how much they charge for a product or service, and in hopes that their products are satisfactory. With businesses operating over the Internet the consumer can also look up the ratings from other consumers before they purchase the goods or services from a particular business. A consumer can now sit in the comfort of their own home and type in what they are looking for while comparing their prices. If a consumer does not like the price one company they have the ability to just click to the next business that offers what they are looking for at anytime of the day or night. Also, the business does not necessarily need to be with in the same state as the consumer, let alone the same country.

For businesses that do not wish to have a physical store the Internet now also offers Eshops and Emalls. Eshops is just like a regular store except the consumers can order and shop at all hours and on holidays which is convenience to the consumers, and saves the consumers the wonderful dealings of parking and crowds. The Emalls are just like regular physical malls. Emalls offer a range of shops, which allow many businesses to sell to consumers in one area, except now the consumer does not have the ability to sit in the mall and have a soft pretzel.

Such businesses that are considered Business to Consumers are: Amazon, Travelocity, Sav-On Crafts, and FlyBoy Naturals, these are all examples of businesses that provide consumers either with services or products and that do not have physical stores that consumers can go and shop in. These businesses actually make profits without operating in a store where consumers visit. These have made the business owners lives easier and the consumer’s life easier, with the convenience of a real store on your own personal computer.

Many Americans and also many non-Americans have very busy lives, between work, kids and families people do not have the time like they use to, to either run their own business or shop around for the products and services that they need. Business to Consumer has given people the convenience of shopping online, and has given business owners their dreams of running their business without the inconvenience of having to be at the stores location and the cost or running a physical store.

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