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Intelligent system

Intelligent systems are basically applications of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence on Wikipedia

There are four general categories that are included in the concept of artificial intelligence.

1. Expert System: these programs that are computerized can solve problems by using strategies and concepts like that of experts.

2. Neural Network: this network attempts at imitation the process/way in which a human brain works. 

       Fuzzy Logic: a math method that attempts to calculate subjective ideas (ex: qualitative rather that quantitative).

3. Genetic Algorithm: a genetic algorithm attempts to imitate the concept of evolution which in turn helps solve problems in better 
    and more efficient ways.

4. Intelligent Agent: this agent helps in completing tasks for the users of the system by using special information. An example of 
    this type of system can be a robot. A robot is an agent in the sense that it can complete tasks in place of a human employee 
    by doing what it is programmed to do.

According to the glossary of the textbook Information Technology for Management by Turban, McLean, and Wetherbe, “intelligent 
systems include a knowledge component, such as expert system or neural network.”

Intelligent systems can be very useful for solving problems apart from human beings solving them. They can help humans analyze 
situations, problems, and results to help in making key decisions. Intelligent systems can be helpful in the sense that they can help 
in solving the problems that even humans cannot. An example of this would be a problem in which some parameters are missing. 
Intelligent systems can aid a worker or manager is naming decisions because what it does is apply the information to the problems 
hence creating a solution for the problem. Employees put in past information into these systems with which the information is used

A good tool that intelligent systems and machines use is the tool of recognition. When human beings are trying to solve a problem or 
are placed in a certain situation, they try to recognize a pattern. Intelligent systems are designed to recognize patterns and solve the 
problem in terms of that pattern. The systems interpret and analyze data that is processed in order to come up with a solution. This is 
where the idea of a genetic algorithm may come into play. When human beings are put into situations where there is new and different 
information, they have to adapt to that information to possibly create a new way to solve that problem. Intelligent systems can do that 
also. Like mentioned above, a genetic algorithm system takes the concept of evolution to help solve problems. This way even the same
 old information can be taken into consideration but the problem can be solved in a more efficient and better way. 

A robot is a machine that is directly tied to the concept of intelligent systems. It is an agent that is artificially programmed in the sense 
that it can work and move by itself once it has been programmed. Although, it is still artificial as it cannot completely work by itself as it
 is a product of the human mind. Robots can be used for a wide array of activities ranging from software to manufacturing.

Side note: Artificial Intelligent System is a project that a company by the name of Intelligence Realm, Inc. is conducting. In this project, 
the company wants to imitate a human brain. This ties in with the concept of the neural network mentioned above. Once this project is
complete, it is likely the finished product will solve the sort of problems it is designed to solve. The creators of this project want their 
system to have its own conscious and ability to work freely through its own intelligence. This is a great example of the implementation
and the development of intelligent systems.