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Business process model

 Business process model is the details of activities of creating a specific detailed flow chart or process map of a company’s work process showing its inputs, tasks, and activities, in a descriptive manner. For example, a manager explains a company’s last year’s achievements and next year’s goal in certain steps of a process model. Integrated Modeling Method is the most complete and powerful business system modeling system in the world. Business processing model is used in companies regularly to give company standards where it is standing in the market. It also brings out which way should a company grow and which aspects should be put into consideration of more responsibilities.

Business process Modeling brings several challenges. Business Process Improvement Model is one of the tasks performed by BPM. A company sets different interests and goals to meet certain business objectives. It is important for every organization to continue improving its product to keep its demand rising.  This is the reason why apple upgrades software every year to eliminate competition.

Business process model can be further divided into two categories which is as follows:

          As-Is process model - represents the current state of the operation that has been mapped, without any specific improvements or changes to existing processes

          To-Be process model - shows the results of applying change improvement opportunities to the current (As-Is) process model


        It is   important to diagram the As-Is process prior to diagramming the To-Be process to understand the entire process from end-to end before determining how to fix the process. More and more organizations are planning to spend big amount of dollars on object technology. It helps a company to increase productivity, develop faster, better quality and maintain easily. It basically shows the relationship between the various business aspects. Before a company starts to work on modeling a new business process, they make blueprints. With business blueprints, the company compares customer demands and organize in a simple, standard manner. This process is bounded by several rules and policies. That is a big challenge for modern organizations.

    When companies face several complex problems at the same time, they plan it in terms of different projects and create a separate model for each project. Then they try to make blueprints first, gather suggestions for how to further set its goals and objectives and how to meet them. The company provides several steps to its consulting partners, which the customers will  be able to use to differentiate between essential and non essential functions. These steps are organized into four project phases: organization and design, detailed design and implementation, preparation for production startup, and production. This gives values to the company (more money, better customer service, more efficient employees, etc. ).

      Business process model helps companies and firms have an overlook on how the company will perform in the market. Usually, a service is not an end in itself. There should be something that leads to its need and design. Therefore, a typical scenario that leads to a new service being created is the design of a (new) business process, this is also known as business process modeling.

     Over the years, the scope of business process model has broadened. About 10 years ago Business process model was called 'workflow', it used to be a group of 15-20 people working together dealing with files and files of paperwork. But today, everything is tech-based. The work that used to take days to finish up can now be finished and implemented in less than an hour. Everything including charts, models, flowcharts are all available electronically making the business process reliable and extremely convenient.