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Information integrity

Information Integrity is the trustworthiness and dependability of information. More specifically, it is the accuracy, consistency and reliability of the information content, processes and systems.

Information integrity is also a prerequisite, because you need it for many other management decisions.  If certain information cannot be trust and has a low level of integrity than a business has a low chance of success.  You need information integrity to have a successful business.


There is a group called the information integrity coalition and there motto is "vision beyond technology".  The coalition is a non for profit organization located in Illinois.  The Coalition have a couple of objectives they want to achieve as a group.  The first is to make sure companies and people are aware and understand what information integrity is.  They want to recognize the organizations that do there best to promote information integrity.  Lastly, they want people to accept the process that is information integrity. 

Any organization that believes and want to promote information integrity can become a member of the coalition.  They must fill out an application to become a member.  When are different kinds of levels of members.  The highest is the Leadership Circle Member (LCM).  Than there are the platinum members, followed by the diamond members, than there are the Gold members, than silver members and finally the bronze members.  The different levels contribute in different ways to the coalition.

The mission statement for the Information Integrity Coalition is to make sure that society can use and exchange information with confidence.  And there vision that i talked about before is to make sure people know that the IIC is recognized as an advocate, educator and a global standard setter for information integrity. The IIC wanst to gather, sort and store information to make decisions, transactions and to operate not so simple systems that make the world vunerable to unsafe information.  They want to answer the question, "How can i be sure that this information is reliable"?.


Information is on of the top three components in information value.  The other two are usefulness and usability.  InormationalIntegrity has to do with both informational and operational system concepts.  Informational is, what is it about and operational is, what it is itself.  Information integrity doesnt just deal with bad information, but the process that produces the bad information.  There are also four factes about information integrity.  CONTENT, PROCESS, SYSTEM, and ENVIRONMENT.  Content and Process have informational interpretations.  Environment includes the relevant domain-specific objects that represent the context of and influence the content, process and system.

Informationthat posseses or lacks integrity has three dmensions; accuracy, reliabilty, and consistency.  Together they determine the trustworthiness or dependability of information within its environment.  Each dimension also has a set of individual qualities.  For accuracy its tolerance and standards.  For reliabilty its completeness, currency and verifiabilty.  For consistency its designation and relation.

Information integrity is often confused with data quality.  Data quality solutions are provided that try to correct the bad data, and they make sure that inacurate data is not loaded into things like DATA WAREHOUSES.  Unlike data quality, information integrity goes further into information processes and systems. 

Organizations like the IIC are trying to make sure the information out there is reliable and safe and they dont want to let up.  They are moving forward and with new technology they want to make sue that all information is reliable and contain integruty.

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