Predictive Dialing


What is a predictive dialing?

A predictive dialer is a telephone control system that automatically calls a group of people in a sequence as well as screening out for no-answers, and busy signals when dialed. The predictive dialing can also measure the amount of Agents that are available to connect live with a customers as well as how many times each person has been called.

The purpose of a predictive dialer is to initiate phone conversations; if the phone is not answered the product automatically leaves a message for that person.  If the phone is answered by a live person it is immediately connects the phone call to a
live agent.

 This system goes through a group or listings of people to call using a big data base called
CRM were as a human wouldn't be able to handle so many calls at the same time. It also saves businesses a great deal of money by using an automated system. This system is easy to manage and it pays for itself because in its life time it makes millions of calls for a business.


 Organization is a key element to a successful business. With Predictive dialing organization calling structure you will never lose any notes again. This system ability to store information is amazing it stores a great deal of profiles that you do not need to keep in your office. Now you can throw away those file cabinets and have more space in your office.  


No need to leave a message:

Predictive dialing  saves time and money, now there is no need for leaving thousands of messages. The only step that must be done is pre record a message in the IVR and the customer will experience the message as if you personally left the message yourself. Now all communication problems can be solved with this inovative communication tool making a job way easyer than before and therefore results in a successfull growth for the company.

The benefits of purchasing a predictive dialing system:

  • Businesses are more productive and it improves sales.           
  • Increases efficiency up to 300% in current businesses.
  • Yield talk times are 45 minutes to 50 minutes per hour.
  • Stronger advantage in marketing. Improves contact centers globally
  • Automated delivery of messages instead of live messages.
  • Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty to customers.
  • Reduces cost per interaction, which reduces debt.
  • This is flexible and it enables agents to come and go.

The outcome of this system is that it generates a lot of called backs of interested clients which increases the business clientele and potential prospects. Below are some graphs that show some call statistics research by call center tech. These statistics not only shows that this system is efficient in speed but it also provides great customer service in providing accuracy satisfied repetitive customers. Great Customer service goes along way and its the key to a brilliant future no matter what type of bussiness it is.

Call Completion Statistics

Predictive Dialer Statistics and Analysis

Predictive Dialer Simulation Results

Call Result Statistics

The number of calls connected to a live person was 35.4% of the original list. This equates to the original 32% simulator input parameter plus the number of individuals contacted during the second an third call attempts.

Campaign Elapsed Time

The campaign was completed in 2.2 hours including the second and third pass at no answer, busy, and answering machine calls.

Telecom Resource Utilization

The predictive dialer campaign consumed approximately 4100 minutes of billable phone connect time.

Live Answer Service Statistics

Of the 3500 calls that reached a live answer, 479 calls were unable to be connected to an agent because all agents were busy. This represented a 13.5% nuisance rate which fails the FTC guidelines.

Agent Productivity Statistics

Agents were effectively on calls 89.8% of the time which falls statistically within the guidelines of predictive dialer productivity numbers generally accepted in the industry.



Predictive dialing also provides progressive capabilities such as  call blending which means handling inbound and outbound calls at the same time. This system is really amazing and really affective because it also multitasks for you by doing several of multiple things. This system is great for campaigns, marketing departments and most of all is beneficial to Telemarketers. This Customer Relationship Management drastically reduces the amounts of hang-ups, answer machines, and busy signals that Telemarketers in counter during their work day.