What is Cross-Selling?

- strategy of providing existing customers the opportunity to purchase numerous items offered by the seller. Cross-selling typically involves items for the consumer which compliment the original product. Cross-selling captures more of the consumer market, going in-depth with the consumer meeting the needs and uncovering any additional wants of the consumer.

Examples of Cross-selling - Cross-selling techniques are commonly used throughout retail sales. For a consumer to purchase a laptop computer, a sales associate may offer special benefits such as an extended financing option. This will then be used to further empower the consumer to purchase more of what is needed with the core product to get a complete use of the computer. Educating the consumer on products that may further benefit the consumer's use. The laptop may not come with necessary items such as extra software, a printer, bag for carry, and any extra services. Retail companies offer extended coverages guaranteeing consumer the peace of mind with the product, shifting the liability of repair to the seller.

Cross-selling Benefits - To cater to the customer's need and wants, educating the customer of products they may or may not know about. As the seller is cross-selling more products may be sold creating a bigger sale. Cross-selling benefits both the consumer and the seller, while some people may not need anything else other then core product most people love to be given all the options available to cater to the consumer's needs.

Cross-selling Tips 
    • Coach and train employees on cross-selling and up-selling on products
    • Ensure employees that cross-selling benefits customer and the business (seller)
    • Educate employees on products being sold, creating experts in the specific product
    • Encourage bundles which save the consumer money for buying complimentary products with core product
    • Further educate employees on timing for cross-selling and up-selling which should be an awareness in the beginning of a sale
Cross-selling Summary
    • Cross-selling occurs commonly throughout most businesses, primarily in retail sales.
    • Cross-selling generally occurs naturally, which is easy as just offering the extra products.
    • Use cross-selling to encourage bigger purchases, while at the same time creating loyalty with customers for future business.
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