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Silver Spring Networks

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Silver Spring Networks is a private company based in Redwood City, California with approximately 300 hundred employees. The company provides smart grid technologies to utilities to improve communications with customers. Silver Springs Networks is one of the leaders in developing smart meters. Smart meters work with smart grids as part of an improved national power network designed to increase efficiencies of energy allocation and make consumers more knowledgeable about their use of electricity, gas, and other utilities. The current electrical grid is outdated and inefficient. The smart grid delivers power from the utility to the consumer using digital technology. 

Silver Spring Networks is committed to the environment. The company plans to make a lasting impact on energy consumption. Employing smart grid technologies in the utilities industry will improve the efficiency of the grid while allowing customers to track and decrease the use of electricity, gas, and water. Through technology Silver Springs Networks is committed to the conservation of our natural resources.  

Local utilities such as Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) contract with Silver Spring Networks to electronically track customer power usage. Silver Spring Networks installs tracking and communication hardware at the customer’s utility box that monitors power usage. The utility box at the customer’s home then communicates over the smart grid to the home office allowing the utility company to instantaneously monitor power consumption. 

At Silver Spring Networks software, hardware and services are used to create what the company calls a Smart Energy PlatformThe Smart Energy Platform allows for customization and scalability to specific customer needs and future growth. Using Smart Energy Platform Silver Spring Network has delivered customized and highly varied smart grid technology to utilities that serve 20% of the United States. 

Silver Spring Networks aims improve efficiencies, provide a green technology by reducing carbon emissions, and empower utility customers to manage their energy consumption. One of the technologies available through the Smart Energy Platform allows customers to monitor their power usage in the moment through a Customer Web Porthole. The Customer Web Porthole can be a powerful feedback tool for consumers to identify and modify peak power usage and allow the customer to take control of power usage. Image knowing you left a light on by monitoring your electricity consumption over the internet! 

Silver Spring Networks has contracted with domestic companies such as Baltimore Gas & Electric, CitiPower & Powercor, Florida Power & Light, Jemena Electricity Networks Limited, Pacific Gas & Electric, Pepco Holdings, Inc., and United Energy Distribution. Additionally Silver Spring Networks is working to deploy technologies in Brazil and Australia. Many of these companies are public utilities which have been targeted by governments to improve energy efficiencies. Using smart grid technology distributed by Silver Spring Networks is one of the primary ways that public utilities are meeting the regulatory demands of state governments. In 2008 Silver Spring Networks secured a $1.7 billion contract with PG&E to deploy smart meters and associated communication networks in 5 million California homes over the next five years. The money was made available by a measure approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. With government and private monies flowing towards greener technologies the future of Silver Spring Networks looks golden.