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Ding, Xijia

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Google is a large adverting, internet technology and provides web searching in the world. It has large search engine, whic
h is free to use in its website. Google’s founders are Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who were Stanford University graduate students, and invented their own search engine in 1996. Google’s headquarter locates in Mountain View, California, United Stated.
           From 1996 to present, Google become global and has powerful market growth.  These are due to its products and services. Goo
gle has various products and services, and they spread them in different fields. Desktop products, mobile products and web products are major products of Google. Desktop products have three main products. Google Maps can help people get direction between several destinations with different transportation. It also provides the satellite and street view imagery. So, users can look at particular location in most of the world. Google Earth is an application that provide in 3D way to explore map data and imagery. People can use this application to acquire inf

Google Map

ormation about geography and astronomy. Picasa is a free application under the desktop products, and it is a digital photos edit and organization application. It provides a platform to people who want to create their albums on the web. Mobile products have two sections, online mobile products and downloadable products. iGoogle and Google News are two major products in online products.  In iGoogle, people can create personalize home page that allow users add news, photos, weather to this page. Google News is a news search engine in the Google website. Downloadable mobile products have to download from mobile devices such as, You Tube. In web products, there have three major services. Gmail is a free and popular webmail. It provides more than 7500 megabytes storage. Google Web Search is the other service. It gives the right to use trillion of web pages, and it supports many languages.  In Google Merchant Center, businessman can post their merchandises on the Google websites. Google use their technology in this center to help users get the best relevant results. Also, Google’s markets and customers are universal. Its market share is high percentage in many countries. Its customers are face to any people who relate to electronic.

As we know, Google is famous internet brand in the world, and it has its own strengths. Google overtook Wal-Mart, Microsoft, IBM and Coca-Cola and won the world’s most valuable global brand four times in a row. Also, Google keeps strong infrastructure base containing online, hardware and software resources. This strength allows Google introduce new products and services to increase competitive advantage. Google also has robust financial recently. Its revenue has increased $7050.6 million and net profit gain $2316.7 million from 2007 to 2009. On the other hand, Google has its weaknesses too. It has huge amount of products, but these products are little common. There are lacks of product integration. Furthermore, some Google’s products are not obvious show on the website. However, Google still has opportunities to gain their revenues and improve their products. Innovating products and services are the good ways to increase its customer base. Google uses strategic acquisitions to acquire other companies, which will expand the company and strengthen the company’s portfolio. In addition, positive outlook for Android smartphones and growing mobile adverting market will increase revenues and avail the company growth.