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Dalton, Kevin

Access Database Project - (description)


Since I like working on cars so much I decided to create a garage/repair shop type of database for my Access project.  There is a great deal that I have begun to learn in this field.  Thus far I have learned the basics of how a database is structured and properly formed in my Business Systems class this semester.  Therefore, I believe that since I have recently gained this information, my database building/construction will progress fairly smoothly.  I realize that it must be built correctly right from the beginning and without any acceptions.  The data held in this database will provide pertinent and vital information for the users of it.  This garage/repair shop database will help key staff members to collect, compile, sort and analyze a great deal of knowledge about this company.  It will be a necessity to view and check on how this company is performing.

            Since I’m in the beginning stages of design, the overall structure is a bit vague at this early state.  However, I will do my best to elaborate as much as possible on this particular relational database project I have begun working on.  I will have many tables for this garage’s database.  The customer records table is probably the (one-to-many) table that all others will be linked to.  This table will have many defining fields within itself and I think the customer ID # will be the primary key used here.  This specific customer ID # is unique to each customer regardless if they are new or returning patrons, & how many cars they own.  Not only will the customer ID be the primary key, it will also be the link in, the common fields.  I think I will have (3) main tables:


Table 1: CUSTOMER/OWNER – Customer ID (Primary Key), First Name, Last Name, Street, City, State, ZIP Code, Phone # Car(s) owned


Table 3: CAR INFO – License Plate # (Primary Key), Customer ID (Foreign Key), Make & model info, brief history of vehicle


Table 3:  WORK/REPAIR ORDERS –  Invoice # (Primary Key), License Plate # (Foreign Key), Description of work performed, both parts & labor costs