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Lia Nishimoto

The following list is comprised of different threats to information security:
The following threats typically arise from malicious human activity.  For example, they may be performed by disgruntled employees or former employees with the motive to destroy company data.  Or they may be performed by hackers or criminals that break into a company's security system to obtain confidential data and to achieve financial gain.
Although there are ways to prevent these threats from occurring, all information systems are never fully protected.  Therefore, it is important for people to be aware of these possible threats to lower the risk of these possible threats from occuring.  For example, to avoid a phishing attack, you should be cautious when an email claims your account is being closed and encourages you to act quickly.  If the attached link does not send you to the company's legitimate site, do not continue.  But be cautious when reviewing the site because phishers have the ability to make an email or website look legitimate with incorporating the company's logos and graphics.  And although your wireless network may be have a security system, it may still be vulnerable.  Such software as spyware (software that collects computing habits and sends that data to someone else) and adware (software that collects web-surfing data and forwards the monitored infomation to advertising organizations) can access your computer without the user knowing.  When a company releases a new software, there are approximately over 7,000 known flaws that are present in the software.  Hackers can easily break into these new softwares through these flaws and extract confidential infromation and/or destroy valuable files. 
Being knowledegable and up to date on current security risks only enables a company to manage security threats more effectively.  Here are a few videos to assist in preventing possible threats from occuring.

Phishing YouTube Video

Prevention of Facebook Hacking YouTube Video

***** As an important FYI, financial institutions and government agencies never ask for personal and confidential information via email. 
For further information regarding the security threats listed above, please visit the following wikipedia links: