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Use the page at this link:   Allen,Kayla Michelle    Beale,Huan    Bisauta,Christopher Anthony    Bongolan,Candice Andrea    Caharian,Malyssa Barrientos    Cavin,Cayla Rose     Chen,Dingxin    Dalton,Sarah Christine    Deol,Jagdeep   Dong,Tam My    Espinoza,Efrain Delgado    Falcon,Stefan Matthew    Flores,Rafael T    Gaeta,Christopher R    Hopkins,Lucas Christopher    Jimenez,Jose Maria    Kennedy,Sheena Cassandra   La,Raymond   Lim,Kevin    Lopez,Cecilia    Martin,Christopher Stephen    Neuwelt,Gabriel Jacob    Nishimoto,Lia Naomi    Phan,Vy Phuong    Pierce,Daniel Anthony   Ramskov,Colin Daniel  Ruiz,Sergio   Sasmita,Darwin Jaya    Sato,Asami Cynthia    Singh,Sahazbeer    Sutojo,Andrew    Touma,Nancy Rushdy    Tran,Charles An    Tran,Hung Dinh    Tran,Quynh Diem    Trieu,Anh Thi Hong    Trinh,Long CongBao    Truc,Fiona PhoiUyen    Truong,Fei Yun    Yasaitis,Kevin Paul

The internet assignment is to write an essay about your topic on your class page.  Use hyperlinks to other URL's, insert some Youtube video (not too much).  You can comment below if you are having problems, try to help other users.

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