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Tan,Yng Bing

Virtual Private Network

    Internet has become widely used in today's technology world. With the wide availability of unlimited information 
in unlimited locations, people can access to the internet anywhere and anytime. For example, most people use their smart phone to access the internet via the cellular network data plan and some people use their 
laptop to access the internet via Wifi when they are having a coffee at Starbucks. As we know, some organization and schools provide employees and students to access the confidential data via intranet. Accessing the confidential data via intranet, employees should be aware of using or storing data on their laptop or mobile devices because it might lead to data leakage once people have lost them. Also, for the high frequency of using the internet to access the intranet, organization and school should set the certain limits of accessing confidential data over the mobile devices and laptops. Therefore, it is very important to manage the amount and type of information that is available to people at any one time. To prevent the security risk on the mobile devices and laptops. People should enforce the system to prohibit the unauthorized access to the confidential data. There are several ways that we can enforce the security. For example, people can create a better system for password protections, encryption, and remote wide technology, which can allow the employers to delete all data from a misplaced device. However, I will be discussed the prevention of data leakage by using virtual private network and the benefit of virtual private network in the rest of the internet project. I will also insert several links for several terms and definition from Wikipedia website in order to let the readers know the definitions are.

Introduction to virtual private network

    I have started the definition of Virtual Private Network by posting a Introduction to Virtual Private Network from Youtube. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The text book defines virtual private network (VPN), which uses the internet to create appearance of private point-to point connections. In Wikipedia, it explains that virtual private network (VPN) provides the functionality of a privately own network, which helps the organization to send the encrypting data over the internet. Most organization realized that confidential data should be encrypted both while it is stored and whenever transmitted to trusted parties.  Using the internet to transmit the data to others is the cheapest way to help the organization save a lot of money. It is also the easiest way to restrict the confidential data to the unauthorized parties. Besides, using VPN software can create private communication channels, which is also called tunnels, which are accessible only to those parties processing the appropriate encryption and decryption keys. VPN establishes a secure tunnel to the most university network. For example, in today's technology, most of the university has the VPN service, which is present to the current students faculty members, and staff within the university. This service can help students or faculty members that can log into the website on an off-campus laptops, computers, or mobile devices. Once students or faculty members have logged into the website with their student ID and password, they can access to the website in order to get the resources from the Library website at home instead of staying in the library. 

   Moreover, there are also several benefit of using virtual private network within the organization. First, VPN communications can securely deliver over the public internet. For example,VPN client secure the confidential data via public internet by using encryption. Once the VPN server receives the confidential data by using decryption. Therefore, encryption and decryption has sent the plain text messages to the original address on LAN. This have ensure the private data has been safely delivered via public internet. Second, VPN helps the company to have cost reduction in business use. For example,most organization will choose the cost of the VPN software that is cheap for creating a privately owned secure communication network instead of those cost of leasing or buying sources such as telephone line,lease line, and other communication equipment. Also, using VPN software within the organization can help the organization to be more convenience instead of renting the network capacity in order to secure the network between the office location. Moreover, VPN software can also help avoiding the issue of scalability in the organization. For example, the larger the organization grows, the higher the cost of private network increases. As the organization is getting larger, it will have to dedicate more lines for more offices; however, installing VPN can help solving this kind of issues.

    However, the benefit of having VPN within the organization has gradually appealed to many people to install this software for the prevention of data leakage. Before setting up the VPN software, people need to understand the importance of using virtual private network. In Webopedia, it defines what makes a virtual network private and there are also have a lists of frequent asked questions when people start using virtual private network. As you click on each of the questions below, it will automatically bring you to the site, which can answer all of your confused questions:

 Below, I have also attached a video which can teach people how to setup VPN at home by following the steps. 

How to setup VPN at home

    VPN has provided many benefits to the organization. I have also attached a video from Youtube on the above that can make it more convenient for everyone to easily set up VPN at home by watching the following step in the video. In conclusion, setting up the VPN will make the  VPN software much easier to use and sometimes it can also automatically be part of the sign on network. Also, most VPN clients has automatically networked with other servers or computers at their server location, which can connect to a local area network.