"The depth of science you can do at Google is like nowhere else in the world. You only win if you innovate faster than the players in the rest of the system."
 - Sergey Brin, Co-Founder of Google 


Since their inception in 1997 as a graduate project for two Stanford students, Google has evolved from being a leading search engine, to becoming a household name in various aspects of consumers’ lives. Aside from offering their online searches, Google has expanded their offerings to include search filters for specific items, products to install on one’s computer desktop, various web products to integrate into everyday life, apps to install on your mobile phone, mobile phone operating systems, hardware prod ucts, public services, and offering fiber-optic broadband internet connections to cities across the country.



Before Google.com's debut, conventional search engines would rank web pages by the number of times the search terms were found within the web page.  However, Brin and Page thought that perhaps a better way would be to rank the relevance of the webpage by the number of pages and the importance of those pages regarding the search ter

m.  This new system of ranking webpages was named PageRank, named after Larry Page.


The original Google Layout in 1999

     They decided to name their new website, Google, a play on the word googol which is the term for the number one followed by one hundred zeroes.  This was a reference to the infinite possible returns on searches and, perhaps, the infinite possibilities that their site could (and would eventually) grow into.

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Google is based out of Mountain View, CA in a location coined the "Googleplex." It is here where the famous company culture thrives. The company is commited in keeping the job "fun" for its employees, in order to spur creativity. There is genuine teamwork and camaraderie between all employees working for the same goal.  And there is no restriction for dress code.  For instance, one of the major principles of the company in relation to employees is the idea that “you can be serious without a suit." Googleplex in Mountain View, CA

Google's corporate headquarters is located in Mountain View, but have expanded their offices to many regions, including South America, Europe, and India.


Services Offered

More than just a search engine, Google has expanded its offerings and services.
  • Google Search
  • Search Add-Ons
  • Web Communication & Publishing
  • Desktop Products
  • Public Services
  • Wireless Infrastructure in Cities: Their vision is to create incredibly ultra-fast internet connections by building fiber-optic broadband networks across the country. They are doing this to create a better and faster internet
  • Hardware Products: Google’s latest entry was into the cell phone industry. It released its highly anticipated Nexus One in 2010, and uses Google’s own Android open-source operating system.
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  • Cloud Computing: This is based on the theory of relying on faraway data centers and computer servers to do the heavy lifting; users will not need powerful, expensive PCs. It has long been a focus for Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, who devoted his doctoral dissertation at UC Berkeley to the topic. It is still a concept that is being developed, and can be expected to be seen in its entirety by 2012.
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Career Opportunities

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 Google is always looking for innovative people to join their family. They hire for a variety of different positions, and have many locations to choose from.
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Working at Google

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