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Google, Inc., one of today’s most well known companies, was founded by  billionaires Larry Page and Sergei Brin in 1998. Google now has approximately 25,000 employees and revenues of more than $26 billion. After several offers for sale to competitors failed, the two founders decided to continue developing Google by founding the Google Inc with a seed capital in the amount of approximately $1 million, which came from family members and friends of Page and Brin and from Andreas von Bechtolsheim, one of the founders of Sun Microsystems.  After a 10-minute presentation, Bechtolsheim wrote out a check with the amount of $100,000, benefiting the “Google Inc.” which hadn’t been founded yet.  This check was the reason for the company’s name used today.  After the company’s registration, Google rented a garage as their first headquarters.

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After establishing the search engine through cooperation with AOL and Netscape, in 1999 Google received $25 million from several venture capital firms such as one of the world’s largest, KPCB, located in Silicon Valley just like Google. Five years later, in August 2004, Google went public.  Throughout the years, Google’s revenues increased from $19.2 million in 2000 up to $3,200 million in 2004.  It’s IPO with a total volume of $1.67 billion at a price of $85 per share gave Google a market capitalization of more than $23 billion.  Retrospectively, Google’s IPO can be mentioned as very successful, especially when considering the latest stock price of $590.80 (on December 17th 2010). 

Life at Google

Google's main service is its search engine, but Google offers many more products. One of the products is Google Chrome. Chrome is a web browser just like Internet Explorer. Another product is Google Earth. Google Earth gives everyone access to a satellite view of the entire Earth. The picture below gives us an example of some of the many services that google provides. 


Here's where Google is located:

Google is one of the top technical companies in the Bay Area and even the world. Google continues to be a growing company by giving its customers services that they want. I think Google will be a top company for a long time to come.