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Urbieta, Ana


 A recent trend in information technology is cloud computing service, but what is cloud computing? It is a term that defines a new way to store information, so cloud computing is all about Internet storage space for companies of all sizes.This kind of online storage is not totally new; for example, some of the free Internet storage that has been available to the public for quite some time is: 4shared, SnapDrive, DropBoks,Humyo.com, Box.net, and Google Docs, These kinds of online storage range from online file storage to social networks. One of the most famous free Internet storage space is social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Hi5 where people store pictures and personal information.
Cloud storage space is something that has been there for quite long time; however, many people say that cloud computing is a new version of utility computing where computer service companies sell software/hardware to other companies and charge by storage capacity or by service hours. The difference between utility computing and cloud computing is that cloud computing provides online space while companies do not need to buy a new hardware infrastructure.
Now with cloud computing services companies like Facebook, Netflix and others do not need to have their own software infrastructure on site and backup information faster. They can rent Internet storage space from service providers and pay for what they actually use while they can also have available online storage during high storage demand times. Most importantly, cloud computing offers flexibility; anyone can have access to information from any desktop computer at anytime and from anywhere around the world without having to install, or download applications into a desktop computer.

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Cloud computing allows for scalability, faster performance, availability and reliability. Cloud computing allows companies to save on that high cost of infrastructure technology. Recently, cloud computing has become a business for many service companies. Software companies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Google, and Yahoo known as providers of software/hardware services now are updating their services with cloud computing by acquiring data storage companies to build stronger business in that area.
It is important to remark that demand for data storage space has been driven by e-commerce, accessibility of phones and consequently to Internet connection. People, companies and government are demanding data storage space to save emails and photos, customer information, business transactions and social security records and other information that is relevant. The demand for data storage has made the cloud computing industry a profitable market so that companies are moving faster to add cloud technology to their portfolios; for example, HP aquired 3PAR a leading global provider of utility storage. Dell, also wanting to enter in the cloud computing industry, bought Scalant Systems, and also IBM recently bought Netzza a data specialist company, to build stronger industry in this area. In 2010, software companies had bought more than one technology company to start building a cloud computing market.  In a few words, cloud computing service is a new way to save and access information that benefits people, customers, business and government.