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A keyboard is basic device through which you input information to the system; many more devices have been created to input information into the system however none have been as successful as the keyboard itself. Keyboards usually contain any where from 80 to 110 keys. Keyboards (generally) starting from right to left, contains a letter pad with all the letters from the alphabet (a-z), control keys like Home, Page Up, Page Down, Insert, Delete, End, Control (Ctrl), Alternate (Alt), and Escape (Esc), arithmetic operators, a numeric number pad, buttons which allow the page to move in four different directions: up, down, left, and right, and different functions from (F1 to F12). All these keys are simply one click away from allowing any task to take place.
How do the keys complete your wanted task? It's a very simple way these tasks are complete: when you press any key on the keyboard you turn on a switch. This switch sends a message to the processor indicating which key has been pressed and then you are able to see the output take place on your screen. As you have probably seen that you have hold down any key continuously for some time, you will see the repetitive action of that key take place on your screen. The keyboard is a very simple device to use, it allows you the access to many functions. As technology expands you will see different shapes, sizes, functions appear when it comes to the keyboard.
Keyboard Types:
Standard: a standard keyboard is usually seen with computers it has more anywhere from 100- 110 keys and it has a numerical keys on two different portions of a keypad. It has numerical keys located above the alpha letters and it also has a separate numerical key pad located on the right side of the keyboard (standard keyboards also don't come with a mouse to navigate a through a computer).
Laptop Keyboards: They have functions which are very similar to those of a standard keyboard but the are smaller in length. They also don't have a separate numeric keypad and their mouse is located near the keyboard as well. Other then that the laptop keyboards display the same functions.
Numeric Keyboards: Theses are keyboards which consist of no alpha keys, they have just numerical values, arithmetic operative keys, with up, down, left, and right key functions.
Non-standard Keyboards and Special Use Keyboards
As technology has evolved various different kinds of keyboards have been created, some for easier storage, newer looks, more options, and some for disorders caused by constant use of a keyboard.
Foldable keyboard also known as flexible keyboard is made of soft plastic or silicone which allows the keyboard to be rolled up for easy storage. Since these keyboards are made of plastic they can be placed on uneven surface and still be able to function they are also more durable to water spillage because most plastic/silicone keyboards are made to be water resistant.   
- Software keyboards also known as virtual keyboard  allow the image of the keyboard to be displayed on the screen, and a simple touch completes the wanted task. These are very popular for touch-screen lovers, they are engineered by a software which allows the machine to pick up on which function was touched on the displayed screen, a lot of these keyboards are used by smart-phones these days.
- Projection keyboards (very similar to the concept of virtual keyboards) allow the keys to be projected on a surface with use of a laser which allows a camera/sensor to detect where the person's fingers are located, which allows the function to take place.  
- Wireless Keyboard is designed to not have any cords attached to it, it comes with a wireless mouse and you are able to set up a connection between your keyboard and your computer which allows you to use the keyboard as you were using the attached keyboard. With this keyboard you are allowed to sit further away from the computer and still be able to use your keyboard.
-Special-use key boards are keyboards which are designed to aid those whom are constantly using a keyboard. A disorder known as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) has caused people to not be able to use keyboards any longer because of the structure of the keyboard. The effects of using a keyboard constantly are shown in the images below:
In order to make it easier for people whom have to constantly use a keyboard they have created new kinds of keyboards which prevent RSI from taking place and allow people to rest their hands comfortably while typing.By watching the video below you will be able to see the how they have changed the look and feel of a keyboard to help those have RSI and to prevent others from getting it.  

newly structured keyboard

What can be done to clean out a Keyboard?
Everyone with a standard hands on keyboard needs to know how to keep is cleaned the video below shows you step by step how that can be done:

YouTube Video


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