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Tatsuno, Angel


PG Calc was founded in 1985 by Gary Pforzheimer who graduated from Harvard in 1994 with an A.B. in History and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School in 1991. PG Calc is a company that focuses exclusively in Planned Giving and is one of the most respected companies in the Planned Giving environment. They offer a variety of Planned Giving products and services which include Consulting, Marketing, Calculation and Proposal Software, Education, and Gift Administration. Since the inception of PG Calc, Gary started with the simple idea that “good fundraisers should spend more time doing fund raising and less time doing math”. This has been PG Calc’s core value and purpose ever since.


PG Calc’s mission, “We seek to support our thousands of clients with expertise and excellence in products and services for charitable gift planning and planned gift administration. We value every opportunity to respond readily and flexibly to them so that the needs of their programs can be met. At the same time, we strive to create a personal relationship and to work in partnership with every client for the benefit of his or her organization's own mission.




Since the creation of PG Calc in 1985, the Planned Giving industry has gone through enormous changes and PG Calc was an important contributor to the development of the industry along the way. The four main areas they contributed were their industry leadership, software and services, knowledge sharing, and government relations. According to PG Calc, since inception, “members of PG Calc have served on the boards of both national planned giving associations and local and regional boards and councils.” Additionally, Gary Pforzheimer himself served as the Chair of PPP throughout 2009.


PG Calc is among an exclusive group of companies that greatly impacted and revolutionized the methods by which planned gift calculations are made. There program, Planned Giving Manager, is a fixture among successful planned giving programs throughout the U.S.


An area that I personally experienced is their knowledge sharing of the Planned Giving industry. They provide individual program attention as well as share industry wide knowledge and acceptable methodologies. They are the gateway to information through their excellent publishing of articles and papers, speaking at various conferences, and often hosting conferences, teleconferences, and web conferencing calls. A listing of upcoming conferences is available at http://www.pgcalc.com/about/conferences.asp. They keep the Planned Giving industry well informed of upcoming news and potential effects of proposed legislation.

PG Calc is among those on the forefront of Planned Giving legislation in various areas of the United States. If there is a change in upcoming legislation proposals in your state that affect your program, PG Calc will know about it and will inform you in advance of the potential impact. Along with their excellence in the Planned Giving industry, they were also voted one of the best places to work in 2010 by the Boston Business Journal.

Program: Planned Giving Manager

PG Calc’s Planned Giving Manager program is a program which calculates the charitable deduction of a donor’s gift. It also provides calculations on life income interests, provides ACGA annuity rates tables, IRS discount rates, and so forth. Whether you are calculating the charitable deduction of a Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) or calculating the payment amounts of a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA), Planned Giving Manager is a comprehensive calculation tool imperative to any successful Planned Giving program.
As stated on PG Calc's website, "planned giving software enhances your productivity by giving you the capability to calculate, explain, compare, promote, and document planned gifts, and to work more effectively with your donors and their advisors."