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Price, Robert

    Technology continues to change the world as we know it.  Many kids own cell phones before they can even legally work.  Mobile communications have become a part of everyday life for people of all ages.  The latest smart phones go way beyond verbal or written communication.  Many smart phones come equipped with navigation systems, allow face to face communication, and enable endless internet capabilities.  Phones like the Motorola droid series have taken smart phones and turned them into personal handheld computers.
    Motorola started out as a small radio company called Galvin manufacturing company in 1928.  In 1940 they developed the first handheld radio for military use and in 1983 they developed the first commercial cell phone.  Today Motorolas products include cell phones, phone accesories, home digital equiptment, cable and dsl modems and gateways and two way radios.  Motorola listed as number 66 in the forbes top 100 companies list in 2008.  Currently Motorola has fallen off of the forbes top company list.  This has much to do with the competition that has come about with the release of smart phone devices.  Companies like apple and htc have become big players in the smart phone industry.  As a long time customer of Motorola I am sticking strong with my droid phone, I truly believe it is a "bare knuckled bucket of does"  Although Motorola has been struggling in the cell phone industry of late, there is still hope for mobile communication powerhouse.  Motorola has teamed up with Google.  All of Motorolas smart phones use the Google operating system, Android OS.  Googles operating system recently gained market share taking over 25.5% for the thrid quarter of 2010 worldwide. 



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