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Pearl Canales

For my Access project I am going to create a database that can help me with running my insurance office. My office deals with over 1000 customers and we do everything by paper. In order to streamline service to my customers I want to create a database that will keep track of all of their needs. My database will contain many different aspects in order to provide excellent service.

My first table will include customers name and last name; I will also create a customer # to identify all the customers. Each customer number will contain a letter followed by 5 numbers.

My second table will include the customer number and customer’s policy types that they currently have active.

My third table will include the customer number and the products that are insured. Ie. Vehicles, Boats, and Homes.

My Last table will include the customer number and all notes that have been made under that specific customer. Ie. quotes, conversations, payments and any memo’s that may be pending.