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I will be creating an access for the company I work for, Biotium.  I will be creating a table called “Inventory” which will keep track of the items we carry, along with the orders placed for the items on a daily business and the current running stock of the items.


Table 1

Item # (primary key)

Item Name

Item Size


Shipping Requirement





Table 2

Item # (linked by primary key)

Item Name

Item Size

Individual Component Pieces

Current Stock Level


Table 3

Item #

Item Name

Item Size

Component Stock Level

Current Stock level

Order volume Level


I will link table 1 and table 2 together by the item#; I will link table 2 and 3 together by current stock level and I will link table 1 and 3 together by item #.  I will use both one to many and many to many relationships within my project when linking tables together.

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