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Beloved Blackberry

What is a BlackBerry?
For those of you that do not know BlackBerrys are it is basically a smart phone that allows to not only stay connected via calls and text but also by a variety of other ways; such as email. It is integrated with software that allows it to access different types of data and communication services.

Why BlackBerry? Here’s Why

Integrated All-In-One Device – BlackBerrys make life so much easier just because they are able to do so much. You can email, text, make phone calls, the basics-as well as take pictures, use it as a mp3 player, a navigator, chat messenger, get your daily news, find out what song title is (say your listening to the radio and you want to know the title to the song-there's an app where you can just have your phone listen to the song and it will tell you) and much much more! Plus its conveniently sized to make it portable yet efficient.

Ease of Use – It's extremely ease to use a BlackBerry once you sit down and play with it. I am completely technology illiterate but I know my way around my BlackBerry like the back of my hand. So the moral of this story is if Donna can use a BlackBerry anyone can!

Best Email Ever – When I had internet on my phone i loved my BlackBerry for this feature alone. I was always up to date, and it especially came in handy when a teacher emailed to update about class projects or to cancel class. Now that i no longer have internet on my phone I can truly say I miss and appreciate it because my emailing experience isn't as quick and efficient as it use to be.

BlackBerry Messenger – What's unique about BlackBerrys are that each one has a unique pin number. This makes your device more personal because no one else shares that number with you and for as long as you have that phone you will also have that number (i like to think it as the BlackBerry's social security number). This number or pin allows you to connect with other BlackBerry users through BlackBerry messenger. What's nice about BlackBerry messenger is that you can send each other pictures, voice memos, texts and best of all its free. It's basically like texting but with more features and without the stress of worrying about going over your messaging limits. BlackBerrys are not limited it only this one type of media it also allows you connect to Yahoo messenger, and AIM just to name a few.

Battery Life – Blackberry's have superb battery life. They can literally last for days with just normal use and for at least a week, but i read somewhere that it can last up to two weeks on standby mode.

Here are some BlackBerrys:

One of the most current Blackberry is the Torch. AT&T is typically the carrier for this phone. It has a touch screen and also slides to reveal its full keyboard.

This is the 9700 or BlackBerry Bold. It has many carriers such as T-mobil. It has a full keyboard but is not touch screen.

The Curve has a full key board and a track ball and like the bold can be used under different carriers

 If you have yet to own a blackberry and would like more information please visit http://www.blackberry.com for more information.


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