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Walter Chan

Facebook the Future of Social Networking



Facebook headquarters is found in Palo Alto, California in the United States.  Mark Zuckerberg runs Facebook which he co-founded in 2004.  The company currently has over 1,700 employees working in offices scattered in different countries around the world.  Facebook has over 500 million active users.  These active users will log onto the website after thirty days of their previous login.

Facebook is a social utility that bridges the gap of communication between it’s users.  Friends, family, and acquaintances can remain in communication with each other by adding live news feeds onto their own page.  Users can also share information with their friends by adding comments to their friends’ page.  I use Facebook to share daily news articles that stand out, Youtube videos that I enjoy, and thoughts that come to my mind at the time by posting on the wall of my home page.
 The Social Network

Facebook is a company that is currently valued at $33 Billion dollars.  Although it is a private company, investors are anxiously waiting for it to become public.  I see a large future with Facebook and the users around it.  A movie was currently release

The Social Network

d on October 1, 2010 called The Social Network.  This movie portrays a young Mark Zuckerberg in his Havard University days and how he co-founded Facebook along with other young entrepreneurs.  The Social Network has a gross revenue of $154 million dollars to date with a budget of $50 million dollars.  We see the progress that Facebook has made in our lives, but we will have to wait and see how long it will take for it to become the number one company in the entire world.




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Database Management

The company embraces the notion of open-source software.  Because there are over 500 million active users, Facebook understands that traffic will occur on the website.  Facebook created a structure that supports the cache system with it’s large MySQL database.  In order to deal with the many queries that Facebook faces daily the company developed it’s own search-engine and relies on it’s own software structure.

The Facebook platform enables users to interact and network with other individuals in the same field.  This way of communication has created access to more resources and has given opportunity for businesses to interact with it’s customers.  An example would be the sponsored advertisement bar that a user would see on the right side of their Facebook home page.  Facebook users can choose to like the corporation or they can answer the specific poll the advertiser is trying to conduct.  This interaction allows advertisers to work directly with their consumers.  Opponents argue that Facebook makes most of their current revenue based on advertisements.  Because Facebook is a private company, we are unable to see the true figures of their financial statements to find out where they make most of their profit from.

Facebook and Advertising  

Because there is an increase of advertisements that target customers on Facebook, there is a growing concern that the user’s privacy is being invaded.  “Facebook's privacy policy is TRUSTe certified, and Facebook provides simple and powerful tools that allow people to control what information they share and with whom they share it”  (Facebook Factsheet).  Knowing that Facebook has taken counter measures to ensure the user’s safety is calming.  A concern that i have with the privacy issue on Facebook is the content that I would like and would not like to share with certain individuals on my friend’s list.  The growing controversy with privacy along with the information that we give to Facebook has caused some to doubt the safety of the website.  Facebook has a database that stores all of the information that we share with the website.  Although Facebook has the power to share the data mined with other companies, I believe that this will never happen due to privacy rights a customer has and government intervention if Facebook shared our personal information with other companies.

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