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I decided to do my company profile project on Netflix, as I was recently was introduced to this product and wanted to learn a little more about the company. Netflix is publically traded company that is based out of Los Gatos Ca. They were developed by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings When Netflix started they were a online movie rental company. You could find a movie you wanted to watch on their website and it was shipped to you for a low monthly price. Netflix now does business in the US and in Canada and currently has about 16 million subscribers to their live streams of movies and TV shows and movie rentals.

Currently you can stream Netflix’s program Online, Sony’s Playstation 3, Nintendo’s Wii, Apple’s IPod and IPad , Tv’s and some DVD Players. While access to their product is easily accessible most homes are not tuned into the wave of watching movies through online streaming. I am not 100 percent convinced either. As Netflix is adding more and more movies on a daily basis we will see how long it takes to add the whole Tom Cruise Collection.

One of the good things that I have read about Netflix is that they seem to be a really good company to work for. While I was reading the Wikipedia I read that if you are a salaried employee of Netflix you too can take unlimited amount of vacation time, and you are also allowed to purchase any amount of stock options with no cap. Something that I have observed personally is the magnitude that their customer service is willing to go. It seems as though they have a no questions asked policy in regards to lost or scratched movies.  You simply call them and they will take care of it. My son misplaced a movie of theirs and all we did was call and tell them it was misplaced their response was “it happens I will note your account and send you your next selection.” I was so surprised I was actually waiting for an extra charge on my account two months later and still no charge.

My husband was always talking about it, so i finally gave in and said ok. The first time I logged on the website I was overwhelmed with the amount of information that I saw. After playing with the site I got comfortable and was able to find the categories that interested me. I started to search for movies that interested me but a lot of stuff that I wanted to watch was not on Netflix.

My husband could not stop talking about this site and would constantly tell me how cool it would be to watch whatever you want whenever you want. I played with the website about two or three times I was not convinced. I wanted to have movie night with my daughter and realized that every movie I wanted to watch was not available to watch live stream. All of the movies  were only available to received by mail, that really defeated my purpose of my movie night, I was so bummed out that I went to Blockbuster, found the movie I wanted, rented it went home and concluded my movie night.


Overall I believe that the concept of Netflix works for some, but when you want to watch a movie on the spot just be prepared to possibly have to go to your nearest movie rental location.

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