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Yi, Tim

My access project will be based on one of the National League postseason baseball team, the Giants. Many teams are trying to scout their opponents. Giants need to find out their opponent's weaknesses and strengths as well as good matchups for themselves. I have been hired to scout for the coaches to find out the pitching matchups for the Giants. Since the Giant's are playing the Atlanta Braves, I will have to find out the stats for both the Giants and the Braves. 

The first table will be the team's OPPONENT TEAM roster's information. This will be linked by to the second table which will be OPPONENT's HITTING against the Giant's pitching. This will then be linked to Giant's PITCHING. 

There will be a one-to-many relationships with transaction table. 

Table 1 will have the fields: Player ID, Hitter's Last Name, Hitter's First Name, Player Position, Hitting Arm, Home Runs, RBIs, Runs, Steals, On-Base Percentage

Table 2 will have the fields: Player ID, Hitter's Last Name, Hitter's First Name, Hitter's Batting Position, Hitting vs. Left Handed pitchers, Hitting vs. Right Handed Pitchers, Hitting at Home, Hitting Away

Table 3 will have the fields: Pitcher's Last Name, Pitcher's First Name, Pitcher's Throwing Arm, Pick-offs, Strongest Pitch, Home Runs Given Up, Left Handed Batters Batting Average, Right Handed Batters Batting Average, Strikeouts, Walks, ERA, WHIP

TABLE 1 will be linked to TABLE 2 by Player ID, TABLE 2 will be linked to TABLE 3 by Hitter's Batting Position and Pitcher's Throwing Arm. The purpose of this is that it is a pitcher's advantage to pitch to a hitter that hit's the same way.