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Tsang, Carina

My access project is based on the real estate and loan company that I currently work for. Statewide Real Estate & Loans deals with numerous types of services. Some of the services that we perform are: Refinance, Short Sale, Loan Modifications and New Loans. I decided to create a database so we can obtain a better tracking system of all our deals.

I'll be using four tables which will illustrate the links they have tied to one another. The four tables are as follows:

Table 1: Client Information- Client ID, Last Name, First Name, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Fax Number, Email Address, Address, City, State, Zip Code

Table 2: Payment- Payment ID, Client ID, Date Due, Date Paid, Reference #, Amount

Table 3: Services- Client ID, Refinance, Short Sale, Loan Modification, New Loans

Table 4: Status- Client ID, Approved, Declined, Pending, Notes

Internet Project -Intel

Dear Professor,

I made an error by not editing the page from here and deleting the Access Project's table proposal (shown above). What I did instead was, going back to where all I see revision activities and find my name and delete my Access Project from there, which I thought was what you meant. I have talked to you in class and you said it was OK as long as I wrote something here to show you where my actual link is. So, here I am typing my explanation to you to remind you. As we discussed in class, I told you that you can find my page by clicking the Sitemap and looking for my name, "Tsang, Carina." If you still can't find me, you can also go to the link that I will link for your convenience: https://sites.google.com/site/b188sjsu/tsang-carina.

Please let me know if you are still having trouble finding my website. Thank you.

-Carina Tsang